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The project is a collaboration between interaction design researchers at the Centre for Design Research, and urban theory and urban design researchers from the Oslo Centre for Urban and Landscape Studies – both at AHO.

Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jonny Aspen and PhD fellow Kai Reaver




Aspen, Jonny


Jonny is Professor at Institute in urban theory of Urbanism and Landscape. His research interest intersect fields such as urban planning history, urban theory, and issues related to the contemporary city in terms of development and transformation, and social and cultural features. More specifically he is interested in researching 1) interrelations between physical surroundings and socio-cultural features, 2) issues related to ‘reading the city’, mapping and urban discourses, 3) issues of everyday urban living, and 4) issues of social diversity and mixed cultures. He has recently gained interest in new technologies, especially ICT-related technologies, and their affect on cities and urban living. He is currently involved in a research project on ‘Social media and the city’ (YOUrban) and involved in a book project on ‘The vitalist city’ and on “The Urban Matrix’.

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Reaver, Kai


Kai Reaver’s transdisciplinary doctoral work on conceptual frameworks for the convergence of physical and digital space is situated in both the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape and the Institute of Design. His focus is on the nominally titled ‘Digital City’ as it manifests at the intersection of interaction, computation, architecture and city planning. He places a specific emphasis on the evaluation of augmented reality and digital media as embedded infrastructural components of collective urban experience, design and planning, while analyzing the respective regulatory policies these technologies entail with respect to the public realm, user privacy and data distribution.




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