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Urban Transformation in China – From Traditional to Industrial Modes of Production

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01.08.2018 ->

About the project

This project is set within the context of rapid urban growth in China and the ongoing industrialisation of the rural countryside. It analyses the transformation of land that has been shaped by traditional modes of cultivation through forces of contemporary urbanisation. The project looks at remote sites of production and extraction and aims to understand how these places are connected to the rural hinterland as well as to urban centres. The comparison of traditional, local modes of harvesting with industrial, large-scale production methods of today will facilitate an understanding for the transformation of the landscape in a broader sense, including political, social, economic, and environmental aspects. The research transects across multiple scales: it is inspired by the phenomenological experience of production sites and is driven by the method of tracing material flows. Traditional methods of land cultivation have created landscape heritage sites with rich, regional-specific characteristics and a fabric of local, socio-economic processes. The comprehension and appreciation of these may inform contemporary design and alternative modes of urbanism that are socially and environmentally more just and sustainable.