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Designing The Digital City


28 September, 2017, 8.30 – 10.00

Join us for a breakfast meeting on how to create novel, accessible and desirable urban platforms using the toolkits of UX, urbanism and service design.

Digital technologies and their design are becoming integral to urban and civic life public services, as well as to commerce, media, culture, and education. The digitalisation of urban culture, industry, and the public sector brings with it both new problems and possibilities for digital design, architecture and planning.

Currently, most «smart city» initiatives are led by technology and policy. But what happens when these trends turn into citizen-facing products, interfaces and buildings?

How can we use the tools of design and urbanism to best meet this digital urban shift? Which skills and competencies are required to make our digital urban societies inclusive, user-centred, and understandable?

Dan Hill: Designer, urbanist, writer and Head of Arup Digital Studio
Rikke Gram-Hansen: Urbanist and philosopher, most recently of Copenhagen Solutions Lab
Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby: CTO + Product at Urban Infrastructure Partner (UIP) which powers the city bike system in Oslo and Bergen
Fredrik Matheson: Experience Lead at Bekk Consulting and director of IxDA Oslo