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“Urban Base” – Workshop/ Fachwerkstatt „Stadtunterbau“


26 January, 2023, 10.00
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institut für Entwerfen und Städtebau

Final presentation of the results of the seminar “Urban Base – Stadtunterbau”.

The research project is based on the thesis that the lower floors of buildings in residential districts, at the interface of public and private space, have considerable potential for a community-oriented and neighborhood-building neighborhood development. In order to activate these potentials and to recognize and overcome the obstacles that counteract them, the intersection of the lower floors is should be more prominent and treated as a separate layer. As part of the research project
the lower storeys therefore become both literally and figuratively referred to as the “urban substructure” and considered as the basis of the mixed-use and public welfare-oriented city.

The aim of the specialist workshop is to initiate an exchange of knowledge with experts and to collect the already existing complex knowledge and experience from exemplary projects, to work out the instruments on the different levels of action and to discuss their transferability.

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