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Morgan Alexander Ip is a Canadian architect, and his educational background covers, among other things, mapping and participatory work towards community-centered design. He has experience from several research teams – the PPS-Arctic Impacts of a Changing Treeline, as well as several highly relevant Northern projects with Lateral Office over the last years. He has very strong experience from project work and community engagement in the Canadian Arctic, and has published on these issues.


DWELL: Displacement, Placemaking and Wellbeing in the City|Ethnography of Northern Landscapes|Future North

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Displacement and placemaking in design studios

This article explores how placemaking took place in architectural and design studios working with migrant and displaced communities at universities in three countries. Placemaking is a dimension of architectural and urban design practice that is emulated in architectural design studios – and often takes the form of a top-down and expert-driven exercise... Read »




This book documents the joint effort of an international group of researchers and students of architecture and landscape architecture to understand the everyday Kirkenes, its life, and the thinking of the inhabitants about the town and its future. These crucial local elements inform the students so that their design proposals can better suggest ways that the future of the town could unfold... Read »

Conference paper

Participatory Mapping in the Co-Design of the Future North

It is important for designers of the built environment – from the varying scales of architecture, urbanism, and landscape – to capture and reflect locally specific human voices in the anticipation and design of future communities in the face of great change. The world is increasingly challenged with the complex dynamics of climate change and globalisation... Read »