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DWELL: Displacement, Placemaking and Wellbeing in the City

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Policy Brief: The Role of Urban Public Spaces in Managing Displacement in Norway

Refugees, temporarily displaced people, and migrants who arrive in Norwegian cities would benefit from equitable access to urban public spaces. Research suggests that the design and management of public urban spaces and local neighbourhood centres can improve migrants’ wellbeing and encourage local cross-cultural interactions... Read »


Displacement and placemaking in design studios

This article explores how placemaking took place in architectural and design studios working with migrant and displaced communities at universities in three countries. Placemaking is a dimension of architectural and urban design practice that is emulated in architectural design studios – and often takes the form of a top-down and expert-driven exercise... Read »



In Transit Studio: Oslo Files

This booklet is about the Oslo cases of the In Transit Studio portfolio. The In Transit Studio is part of the EUIndia Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP)-funded research project Displacement, Placemaking and Wellbeing in the City (DWELL), which compares case studies in India, Finland, Norway, and the UK... Read »