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Invisible Infrastructures: Assessing socioecological transformations in the postindustrial metropolis

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The research working group consists of the following persons:

Bengt Andersen, Social Anthropologist, HiOA (project leader)

Hanna Bjørgaas, Biologist, Sweco AS

Astri Margareta Dalseide, Architect, Kåmmån AS

Victor Lund Shammas, PhD Candidate, Sociology, University of Oslo; Visiting Student Researcher, Sociology Department, University of California, Berkeley

Joakim Skajaa, Sivilarkitekt, Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter AS/AHO Institute of urbanism and landscape.

Skajaa, Joakim


Joakim Skajaa is an  architect educated at the Bergen School of Architecture. In addition to architecture he has studied trained in applied micro- and local meteorology and landscape ecology from the University of Bergen. He has served two years on the Board of the Oslo Architects Association and in 2013 he was responsible for the association’s contribution to the Oslo Architecture Triennale – Behind the Green Door, he was the editor of the book ‘Hit og dit og inn og ut..’ released in conjunction with the Triennial. He is co-editor of the magazine Pollen. He teaches at Bergen School of Architecture  and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is also a partner in the architectural office Eriksen Skajaa Architecter together with Arild Eriksen.

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