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Object as ground as landscape

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01.09.2019 ->

About the project

To create a new reflection of these ten years of practice. Not as a monograph, rather as an operational compilation that translates the projects into seminal replicable design actions. The actions are somehow already embedded in the production methods. Nevertheless the speed and methods of competitions have not necessarily allowed a proper space to solidify knowledge with this valuable material. Some critics have appropriated this production to describe methods exemplary of the emerging field of landscape urbanism, however, a self-reflective inquiry that separates the works from North American precedents has not been done yet. For giving depth to this exploration the work will be contextualized in the constellation of modern architects in Latin America that pioneered the use of geographic tropes while using live mater as a design medium. The research question will involve claiming that the constant contact between art, science, geography and exploration in the Americas engendered a specific sensitivity and design culture that is particularly fluid when working across scales