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Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes 2.0.

‘DAHL: I think the notions Appearing and Disappearing landscapes and the notion To charge the landscape with new energy in all our projects have been related to different conceptions of landscape. In a sense a kind of explorative position of landscapes under pressure, searching for a terminology on its behalf so to speak. You have introduced the discussion on how futures are shaped, when they are shaped and who shapes them which in a way is a continuous discussion of disappearance. Is there aspects in our studio fields of exploration, limits of exploitation that touch on this, positions this research on such a debate on futures?

UHRE: There are several types of futures. Architects are usually acting in specific parts of the future through their projects and practices. This is the kind of futures where the present is already embedded because contracts have been written and agreements made. Then
there is the time of the ideas contests, the vision building and the impact assessments, where architects, most often participating in interdisciplinary teams, think far ahead and in bold strokes; negotiated futures. But prior to the formulated assignments, the outcome is open, and values are discussed. Architectural practices have with their tools the opportunity to step into the policy-making present where the future is in play.’
Uhre, K.Dahl, K. 2012. 'Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes 2.0.'. In Vinculos del frio, Latitud norte: Etica y estética del habitar.Valencia, Spania Available: http://www.upv.es/entidades/CIAE/info/U0593009.pdf