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Urban Design: Arctic City – Tasiilaq

On the east coast of Greenland is city of Tasiilaq where the icebergs tower over its wooden houses in the summer. These landscapes, the urban on land and the wild at sea, form a dual relationship, shaped by the long history of traditions and the recent stories of modern life. Tasiilaq is firmly rooted in the alpine coastal landscape of this massive island; its urban landscape reveals a solid and lively presence of people, forming the foundation for a future of many uncertainties.

In collaboration with the planning department of Kommuneqarfik- Sermersooq, students of architecture and teachers from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and of landscape architecture from the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies (AHO/UiT) studied the urban and landscape characteristics of Tasiilaq, and propose projects, strategic urban designs, and landscape interventions in and around the city.

Contributers: Jack Hughes, Marianna Laurila, Uku Miller Irene de Santos, Kristine Skarphol, Kestutis Stankaitis, Fu Tung Sze (lay out)

Hemmersam, P. (Ed.)., Harboe, L.(2015). Urban Design: Arctic City – Tasiilaq. Oslo: AHO