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Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory

From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscapeand Territory is the first book publication by the ILC (International Landscape Collaborative). The book promotes a landscape approach that aims to understand today’s environmental challenges and socio-political transformations through the medium of landscape and to discuss sites of different scales in connection to their territorial context. While the world is increasingly being urbanized and its natural characteristics are being transformed by human societies, the individual site or person is connected to regional and even planetary systems and interrelationships. It is therefore important to create a sensitivity and understanding for such multi-dimensional dependencies. In this interdisciplinary and multi-scalar discourse, the landscape serves as a common ground to productively address contemporary issues of natural and built environments as a collective effort. The ILC as an independent think-tank wants to provide a platform and facilitate a dialogue among scholars and practitioners from different geographies and disciplines, including landscape planning, management, and design. The ILC’s approach to landscape and territory, the group’s mission in the context of the Anthropocene, as well as the content of the book publication is discussed in this article.

Zander, H. 2019. 'Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory'. 景观设计学 (Landscape Architecture Frontiers). 7 (5). 98–107. Available: https://doi.org/10.15302/J-LAF-1-030005