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Immaterial Landscapes. Formulating the Intangible in Northern Landscapes

  • Labadini, Alice|

What is the space-shaping potential of immaterial entities? This thesis aspires to foreground the immaterial as a valuable domain of investigation and of design experimentation for the practice of landscape architecture. Through a critical reading of different theories of space and their juxtaposition with actual design works, it aims to lay out an original theoretical foundation for approaching the immaterial in design. The thesis explores the possibility of formulating concepts in conversation as a method for conducting research in the field of design. The format of the conversation mobilises a relationship between research and design that is at the same time analytical and inventive: in conversation, design works are discussed in light of existing design theory, while new theoretical intuitions are produced by the exchange of ideas between the interlocutors. The generative energy of the thesis’ conversations and their rich theoretical outcome are conveyed in a number of concepts, which are organised in a glossary. The glossary can be regarded both as the ultimate theory outcome of this research, pointing in the direction of a thorough inquiry into the immaterial in design theory, and as a possible inventive prompt for practitioners, supporting new forms of design thinking among landscape architecture professionals.

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Labadini, A.(2017). Immaterial Landscapes. Formulating the Intangible in Northern Landscapes. Oslo: AHO CON-TEXT / Thesis 86