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Making the mobile and networked city visible by design

We address how to make apparent a number of design initiated articulations to do with accessing, assembling, and mediating the data of the networked city and their visual renderings in publicly accessible formats. These ‘designed moves’ heighten the significance of both design knowledge and research interpretations in an exploratory and dynamic inquiry. The aim has been to visualize and generate a dynamic view on urban data in terms of both design and urban planning. We present texamples from a research project on social media and the city: the development of an augmented reality app called PlanAR, an information graphics enriched mapping of building application material called Planimator, and spatial and dynamic visualizations of networks in urban planning and urban development called DynaPlan. We consider these as a means to performative engagement in the dynamic and complex city where urban data is part of our daily lives both in work and popular cultural experiences.

Aspen, J.Morrison, A., & Westvang, E. 2013. 'Making the mobile and networked city visible by design'. In Crafting the Future. Gothenburg: 17.04.2013–19.04.2013. Available: http://www.trippus.se/eventus/userfiles/39130.pdf