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What time is this coast? Temporal encounters in the Arctic

While the discipline of landscape architecture is regarded as engaging closely with time, the temporal span that it works within is, more often than not, very narrow. In this article, I draw on three concepts of time that allow experiential engagement with the material and immaterial agencies of an Arctic coastal site to emerge. Conceptually, I refer to descriptive insights from literary figures on time and coastal landscapes along with landscape theorists. As an initial site reading, I apply, explore and review these concepts via a time-centred analysis of a frozen shore. In-situ techniques using photography and fieldnote taking are used to identify different temporalities. I proceed to modelmaking in a studio setting to further explore the processes, states and conditions that were observed on site. I propose that the application of these time concepts provides a framework for landscape architects to articulate observations and understanding of temporal encounters within and beyond this Arctic coast.

Tynan, E. 2021. 'What time is this coast? Temporal encounters in the Arctic'. Journal of Landscape Architecture. 16 (2). 10–25. Available: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/18626033.2021.2015202