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Eimear Tynan




Eimear is an Irish landscape architect and holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from both University College Dublin and AHO (Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies). She has previously practiced as a landscape architect in Dublin, Bergen and Tromsø over a ten year period and is an affiliated member of the Irish Landscape Institute. Since 2015 she has taught at the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies and has been leader for two studio courses: Intervals of neglect: Industrial Heritage in the Arctic and Iconoscapes: Journeying through representations and realities of Northern territories. She has also presented and published work on the topics of permafrost and Arctic heritage; sensory tools for landscape architecture; and landscape representation


Exploring the sensory engagement of spatial, temporal and material conditions of Arctic coastlines

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What time is this coast? Temporal encounters in the Arctic

While the discipline of landscape architecture is regarded as engaging closely with time, the temporal span that it works within is, more often than not, very narrow. In this article, I draw on three concepts of time that allow experiential engagement with the material and immaterial agencies of an Arctic coastal site to emerge... Read »