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Learning Flexibility – Pathways to Urban Transformation

  • Suyama, Bianca|Amaro, Gerardo Lopez | Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie | Harboe, Lisbet | Hoelscher, Kristian | Martins, Daniel | Petersen, Sobah Abbas

This report synthesizes selected lessons from the research project Learning Flexibility: Novel Responses to Urban Challenge and Crisis. Explicitly embracing interdisciplinarity, the project examined how cities beset by fragility, crisis and vulnerability can be sites of innovation for policy, practice and physical interventions. The challenges faced by cities we examined were political, infrastructural, social, economic, ecological and frequently a combination. And the practices that emerge from such contexts represent models of flexible urban practice that are important to understand, given the increasing vulnerability that cities will face in the future.

Suyama, B.Amaro, G., & Geirbo, H., & Harboe, L., & Hoelscher, K., & Martins, D., & Petersen, S.(2021). Learning Flexibility – Pathways to Urban Transformation. Oslo Available: http://files.basekit.webhuset.no/b6/ba/b6bafb2d-f527-4046-b6b3-693cdf18f646.pdf