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Oslo – The Triumph of Zombie Urbanism

Contemporary discourses on urban redevelopment and design are, at least as seen from the perspective of Northern Europe, surprisingly alike and homogeneous. They all subscribe to the idea that the future lies in building some version of “the creative city.” It is a city being rebuilt based on the happy mix of creativity and knowledge with culture and urban consumption.  In this chapter I examine the odd and striking consensus that drives many urban redevelopment projects and processes, especially the fact that overall attention seems to be given to the task of staging and marketing the city as vibrant and vital: cultural institutions, architecture and public spaces are ascribed new roles and meaning in urban policies and redevelopment.

Aspen, J. 2013. 'Oslo – The Triumph of Zombie Urbanism'. In R. El-Khoury, E. Robbins (eds) Shaping the City: Studies in History, Theory and Urban Design .London: Taylor & Francis Group