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Exposed Northern Landscapes

A mini-seminar on challenges and current issues for sub-arctic landscapes and territories organized by the Future North project.

October 30, 2013, 14.00-17.00, AHO, Big Auditorium

Challenges and current issues for Sub-arctic landscapes and territories


Alessandra Ponte: New Geological Survey in the Canadian High North

Aileen A. Espiritu: From Barents to Arctic: Shifting Discourses

Peter Hemmersam: Transecting Kola: Tracing Change in the Russian City

Janike Kampevold Larsen: Transforming Barents Towns

The seminar presents ongoing work from the Future North project and is arranged in connection with the establishment of the Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies, a collaboration between AHO and The University of Tromsø.

It forms part of a series of seminars at AHO called Approaches to Sustainability, and is an event under the Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT).

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