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New PhD position: Nature-based solutions for climate change: upscaling landscape‐based climate mitigation and adaptation actions

The Institute of Urbanism and Landscape in collaboration with the Institute of Design at AHO offers a PhD position linked to a research project granted by the Research Council Norway named: NATURACT. This project seeks to develop three landscape-based transition plans utilising Nature-based solutions (NBS) in order to prevent and mitigate geohazard events primarly related to flooding in Norway.

We call for a PhD candidate in landscape architecture or a related field, that can use methods and tools for large-scale cultural landscapes in transformation as well as methods informed by systems thinking and design (social-centered design and complex design projects through visual diagraming). The work will require working with and for communities. Based on an exploration of different modes of community engagement relating to enacting and anticipating long term changes of local landscapes, the project will map past and present landscape situations and develop a desirable alternative future that is both impactful and feasible.

NATURACT integrates the expertise and competence of various academic disciplines within risk management, ecology, earth systems science and landscape architecture, as well as explore community attitudes linked to landscape changes.

The PhD candidate will, through a site-specific practice, focus on one or two given case study sites, and look for transferable methods to the other cases included in the project at large. The candidate will:

  • Gather background information including geographical description and exposure to climate impacts, cultural landscape characteristics and historical evolution of landscape
  • Make an outline of the organisational structures for decision-making and planning bodies at the local and regional levels
  • Map the stakeholders and their roles
  • Participate in workshops with the stakeholders
  • Participate in creating common ground of knowledge between project researchers’ structure and to develop systems thinking competency
  • The overall project will enable an engagement plan based on questionaries and workshops with the community or other methods that the PhD candidate will explore in order to develop different climate scenarios for the concerned landscapes under risk.

See the call.


Photo: CC BY 2.0, Alfred Diem:  0906_Kreuzfahrt_Norwegen_0496

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