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Hannes Zander




Hannes is a Swiss landscape architect and researcher. In his work, he is interested in the transformation of land through forces of urbanisation, including its social, economic, and environmental implications. Before moving to Oslo, Hannes has been working for research initiatives dealing with urbanism and landscape at Peking University and at Harvard University, as well as a landscape architect for design firms in the U.S. and Europe. Hannes is holding a Master in Landscape Architecture degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.


Arid Frontier: Urban Growth and Environmental Degradation Along the Hexi Corridor

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PhD thesis: A Landscape Approach. Reading a Geographic Context Through Multiple Dimensions: The Case of the Hexi Corridor Region in China’s Northwestern Gansu Province

Long-term processes of socio-environmental transformation have severely degraded entire world regions, leading to pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. In this planetary context, the thesis develops a Landscape Approach as a theoretical framework to systematically read and better understand large-scale geographies... Read »



Landscape Approach : From Local Communities to Territorial Systems

The book promotes a landscape approach as a method for understanding and addressing the complex interdependent issues of environmental and climatic change, ecological degradation, and socio-cultural inequalities. The twenty-three book essays are structured into five sections around concepts of urban landscape systems, ecology, politics, territory, and practice... Read »



Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory

From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscapeand Territory is the first book publication by the ILC (International Landscape Collaborative). The book promotes a landscape approach that aims to understand today’s environmental challenges and socio-political transformations through the medium of landscape and to discuss sites of different scales in connection to their territorial context... Read »