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Arctic Building and Construction – Architecture and Urban Space

Type of project
Applied research
Multiple sources
01.01.2022 -> 31.08.2024

About the project

In an Arctic context, there is a tradition of discussing urban space in relation to climatic comfort, while less emphasis has often been placed on social and cultural dimensions of city life and spatiality. In Greenland, the design of good urban spaces has often been a secondary priority in relation to the construction of housing and public functions. The sub-project studies everyday urban spaces linked to (newer) housing projects in Nuuk and Sisimiut through ethnographically inspired and architectural mapping. In addition, a number of formal and informal conditions are mapped that regulate the design and use of the urban space, as well as the planning intentions and public controversies that have been about the projects. The researchers associated with the sub-project have conducted interviews with local actors and informants: employees and students from Ilisimatusarfik and Artek, private and public employed planners and architects, as well as users of the urban space