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Partners at the Institute of Architecture: Professor Tine Hegli, Associate Professor Even Smith Wergeland





Larsen, Janike Kampevold


Janike Kampevold Larsen is associate professor in the Institute of urbanism and landscape. Originally a literary scholar, she is now specializing in landscape theory and particularly the configuration and conceptualization of contemporary Arctic landscapes. She was project leader of Future North, and Landscape Journeys before that, as well as a research fellow at the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art. She coordinated the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies.

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Rasmussen, Ida Højlund


With a cross disciplinary background in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture (BA) and urban planning and communication studies from Roskilde University (M.Sc.), I am interested in people, politics, communities and the link between our cultural heritage and the soil underneath our feet. I have previously examined societal structures, rights, identity and agriculture in the West Bank, Palestine.

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