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Mapping, managing and developing place qualities through replanning

Type of project
AHO PhD scholarship
01.09.2022 -> 31.08.2025

About the project

Exploring the relevance of urban morphology and cultural heritage in strategic urban planning.  

Today’s planning and development processes in Norwegian cities are characterized by the “replanning” of existing urban environments, involving approaches such as reuse, transformation, and densification. Municipal plans are used as central tools in working towards sustainable development. Despite extensive regulations, guides, and recommendations in planning, there are a number of conflicting interests and challenges to overcome. The project aims to develop new knowledge about processes of replanning urban contexts and how municipalities’ existing planning tools can be used strategically to achieve place qualities. This is done by investigating how urban morphological and cultural heritage perspectives can contribute to improving planning processes.

The project is part of the Norwegian Urbanism research initiative.

Photo © Vignir Freyr Helgason