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Bin Li




Bin Li is an architect and landscape architect from Beijing. Her works bridge fields of architecture, landscape, and territory, scales of miniature and panorama, environments of rural and urban. Before moving to Oslo and joining AHO, she practiced in Boston, Berlin and Hong Kong including Vogt Landscape Architects and Rural Urban Framework. Bin holds a PhD from AHO, a Master of Architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Hong Kong.


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Imaging an Excursion, Imagining an Expedition:On Methods of an Alpine Landscape Design Studio at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

“Behind the Hill, Into the Wild” was a landscape design studio at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. This studio explored photographic images from analogical field trips as a way to approach an alpine design site which was inaccessible. Alpine landscapes of the Norwegian Scandes was seen as a compressed model of the Colombian Andes... Read »