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Ida Højlund Rasmussen




With a cross disciplinary background in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture (BA) and urban planning and communication studies from Roskilde University (M.Sc.), I am interested in people, politics, communities and the link between our cultural heritage and the soil underneath our feet. I have previously examined societal structures, rights, identity and agriculture in the West Bank, Palestine.


Circular, Balanced and Shared|VARDØ: Community, Resources and Lasting Values

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Multispecies stories of Vardø: an Arctic place in change

The speed of climate change calls our attention towards the life forms on this warming Earth – human and beyond. In this article, I aim to contribute to the conversation about how we co-exist by presenting multispecies ‘compost stories’ of the Norwegian town Vardø, which seems to be well underway in a post-Arctic shift... Read »