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Kelly Shannon is an architect and urbanist; her design research work in Europe and Asia seeks innovative interplays of landscape, infrastructure and urbanization that respond to contemporary challenges, while critically evaluating the performance and capacity of existing contexts. A particular interest focuses on the development of landscape urbanism strategies that work with water and topography.

She is currently Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture Program at  The University of Southern California School of Architecture.


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Environmental consequences of the longing for power: Revisiting Lower Silesia’s landscapes under Frederick the Great

The prevalence of the ‘Anthropocene’—the epoch of humankind’s detrimental force on environments—in academic discourse over the past decades has reinstigated an environmental approach to landscape history. This article is part of a project focusing on Lower Silesia’s environmental history and its relationship to urbanism, political economies and sociocultural shifts... Read »


Book chapter

Forests and Trees in the City: Southwest Flanders and the Mekong Delta

Throughout the history of urbanism, there has almost always been an interweaving of structures of plantation with urban armatures and tissues. In Europe and Asia, forests have been the counter-figure of the city, embedded the city or complemented the city. Simultaneously, lines of trees are planted on public spaces. This has been systematically planned and constructed... Read »


UFO4 Village in the City

The ‘Village in the City’ is surely as a specific as a spectacular urban form that is generated by the particular urbanization process that China is undergoing during the last two decades. The massive scale and the unprecedented speed of such urbanization implies an incredible multiplicity of ‘villages in the city’... Read »


UFO3 Water Urbanisms East

Waters Urbanisms East expands upon the first edition of Water Urbanisms, published in 2008. It gathers a number of leading practitioners and academics globally to reflect upon the growing challenges of water in the city, infrastructural landscapes and the reuniting of engineered and natural processes... Read »



UFO2 Human Settlements : formulations and (re)calibrations

Wars, internal conflicts and natural catastrophes are plaguing the world. Millions of people are on the run in search of new, safer places to settle temporarily or permanently. “Human settlements” goes in more depth into the aspects of modern settlements that are related to architecture, urban design and planning... Read »



UFO1 Water Urbanisms

Water is re-conquering the contemporary agenda of urbanism. The renewed focus for urbanists is not uncalled for. Rather, its disappearance during the heydays of urbanism in the 19th and 20th century is remarkable. Water Urbanisms has three main sections. Water Cultures. Essays on Water Urbanism elaborates interplays of urbanism and water in different cultures and regions. Another Water Urbanism... Read »