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Productive Water Urbanism

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From landfills to landscapes—Nature-based solutions for water management taking into account legacy contamination

Nature-based solutions (NBS) can be used in combination with the reopening of piped rivers to support area development. In certain cases, piped rivers can run through disused landfills. This presents a complicating factor because landfills provide the possibility for river water to be contaminated by waste... Read »



Landscape Measures for Improved Management of Stormwater and Leachate at Old Closed Landfills

River re-opening strategies of piped streams are used to accommodate greater quantities of stormwater. However, experience in Norway has demonstrated challenges in applying standard principles of local infiltration and retention of water, when the former valleys have been used as dumping grounds. The water that come in contact with the waste can spread contaminants to adjacent areas... Read »



Konseptet Urban Walkable Unit, en ide for å omstrukturere den spredte byen og skape gangbare, blågrønne og bilfrie områder

  • Rivera, Agustin Sebastian|Sjødahl, Elisabeth

This work explains the application of a design and planning concept, the Urban Walkable Unit, that could lead to abandonment of car-dependent mobility and reverse the effects of urban sprawl: territory fragmentation, deterioration of the quality of the built environment and reduced possibilities for social interaction... Read »