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Learning Flexibility

Type of project
Basic research
Research Council of Norway
30.09.2016 -> 31.12.2021

This project has been completed

About the project

Learning Flexibility: Complexity, Innovation & Inter-Urban Knowledge Transfer

Cities are increasing in size and complexity. Urban development increasingly needs to be sustainable – environmentally, economically and socially. To achieve this, adequate and flexible solutions are required. This research project, Learning Flexibility: Complexity, Innovation & Inter-Urban Knowledge Transfer will identify novel lessons and knowledge from cities facing complexity, crises or limited resources. This interdisciplinary research project focuses on cities and neighbourhoods where public utilities are challenged. It examines infrastructure in a broad sense, encompassing social, spatial, energy-technical and institutional infrastructure, and the different ways residents and/or public authorities have developed creative and flexible solutions to urban challenges. Our approach considers that cities facing different crises may possess sustainable strategies and solutions that Norwegian urban environments can learn from; and we study both informal and self-organized solutions and formal government approaches designed to address various environmental, social and political challenges. Through case studies of cities in the USA, Africa and Latin America, we will identify strategies and solutions relevant for Norwegian cities, drawing on novel approaches and inputs that may encourage new thinking and new models to address current and future urban challenges. In working with partners and stakeholders in Norway, each of the different case cities, and internationally, the project will develop methods and tools to promote knowledge transfer between different urban contexts. In doing so the project will thus promote new forms of global, urban, professional networking, and contribute to more flexible, adaptable, user-centric and activating infrastructures.

CC Image courtesy of joiseyshowaa on Flickr