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NATURACT – Nature‐based solutions for climate change: upscaling landscape‐based climate mitigation and adaptation actions

Type of project
Applied research
Research Council Norway

About the project

The primary objective of NATURACT is to understand the impact, feedbacks, synergies and trade-offs upscaling of nature-based solutions (NBS) for climate adaptation have on climate mitigation pathways in the short and long term. Secondary objectives are to support this include: 1) Promote better alignment and synergies between the climate adaptation and climate mitigation disciplines by applying a Systems Oriented Design approach, 2) Explore community attitudes and values related to NBS for mitigation versus adaptation with stakeholders, 3) Quantify the performance of NBS to reduce the risk of climate change impacts (e.g. flooding, erosion, and landslides), and the amount of NBS upscaling needed to significantly influence feedback cycles of climate change, and 4) Understand the short term regional and long term global climate impacts and feedbacks of NBS interventions through the development of idealised Land Use Land Cover Change (LULCC) scenarios.

There are three case studies sites: Aurland municipality, Mesna watershed, Hølenselva watershed.

Photo: CC BY 2.0, Alfred Diem:  0906_Kreuzfahrt_Norwegen_0496.