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Learning Flexibility – Pathways to Urban Transformation

  • Suyama, Bianca|Amaro, Gerardo Lopez|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie|Harboe, Lisbet|Hoelscher, Kristian|Martins, Daniel|Petersen, Sobah Abbas

This report synthesizes selected lessons from the research project Learning Flexibility: Novel Responses to Urban Challenge and Crisis. Explicitly embracing interdisciplinarity, the project examined how cities beset by fragility, crisis and vulnerability can be sites of innovation for policy, practice and physical interventions... Read »



Norwegian Urban Challenges – Stakeholder dialogues 2018

  • Harboe, Lisbet|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie|Hoelscher, Kristian|Petersen, Sobah Abbas|Christie, Ingrid

This report highlights some of the main challenges facing Norwegian cities. These are likely to demand increased attention now and in the years ahead. Through dialogue and discussions with stakeholders, the report discusses questions related to urban development, energy, governance and participation in Norwegian cities over the next three decades, as well as ways of tackling them... Read »


Norske floker – Urbane utfordringer

  • Harboe, Lisbet|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie|Hoelscher, Kristian|Petersen, Sobah Abbas|Christie, Ingrid

Et stort demografisk skifte til urbane levesett og den økende urbaniseringen gir både muligheter og utfordringer. Blant de største utfordringene kan vi nevne ressursknapphet klimaendringer og byvekst, sammen med mer komplekse og sammensatte samfunn... Read »



Hvilken vei skal byene gå?

  • Hoelscher, Kristian|Harboe, Lisbet|Petersen, Sobah Abbas|Christie, Ingrid Nytun|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie

What is the future of our cities? Central to discussions at Habitat 3 (The UN’s Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development) in Quito will be how cities – both developed and developing – can respond to dynamics of increasing complexity, fragility and insecurity in the coming decades... Read »