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Landscape Urbanism in the Americas

Type of project
Applied research
Harvard University (through the The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies & Office for Urbanization)

About the project

A survey and network of contemporary landscape practices in Latin America.

Over the past two decades landscape has been claimed as model and medium for the contemporary city. During this time a range of alternative architectural and urban practices have emerged across Latin America. Many of these practices explore the ecological and territorial implications for the urban project.

The emergence of these practices has coincided with societal and political transformations in many countries across the region. Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas convenes a series of discussions on the potentials for landscape as a medium of urban intervention in the specific social, cultural, economic, and ecological contexts of Latin American cities.

The website connects influential and innovative practices and institutions across the continent in support of the capacity of Latin American architects to design public spaces in a time of increasingly ecologically consciousness and the complexity of the rapid process of urbanization happening at the edge of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

The project comprises a website, upcoming publications and conferences in Medellin, Santiago, Brasilia and Mexico city.