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Janike Kampevold Larsen




Janike Kampevold Larsen is associate professor in the Institute of urbanism and landscape. Originally a literary scholar, she is now specializing in landscape theory and particularly the configuration and conceptualization of contemporary Arctic landscapes. She was project leader of Future North, and Landscape Journeys before that, as well as a research fellow at the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art. She coordinated the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies.


Circular, Balanced and Shared|Community Water Systems: Climate vulnerabilities and resilience opportunities|Future North

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Hva er landskap?

Det har skjedd en slags revolusjon i tenkingen om landskap de siste årene. Landskap er ikke lenger en fredfylt ramme for våre liv. De gror igjen, oversvømmes, graves opp, faller fra hverandre, fylles av hytter og vindmøller. De ligger midt i den politiske debatten. .. Read »



Future North : Vardø

ON FUTURE NORTH → 7 1. INTO THE FUTURE – Andrew Morrison → 11 2. RUINS IN REVERSE – Janike Kampevold Larsen → 20 3. TRANSECT WALK – Peter Hemmersam → 32 4. WALKING THE HIGH WIRE – William L. Fox → 51 5. METHODS FOR PROBING FUTURES: VARDØ – Henry Mainsah → 55 6. SAVOUR THE PAST, TASTE THE FUTURE – Brona Ann Keenan and Miles Franklin Hamaker → 57 7... Read »


Future North : Svalbard

INTRODUCTION – Janike Kampevold Larsen & Peter Hemmersam → 7 1. INVENTING AND REINVENTING PLACE IDENTITY IN LONGYEARBYEN: TOWARDS A POST-MINING CITY? – Aileen A. Espíritu → 9 THE ART OF SVALBARD, MAY 23–JUNE 1, 2015 – Bill Fox → 14 2. A FLUID LANDSCAPE – Kathleen John-Alder → 19 NARRATA → 22 3... Read »


Future North : Kola

PREFACE – Janike Kampevold Larsen & Peter Hemmersam → 13 1. ENCOUNTERING KOLA – Peter Hemmersam & Janike Kampevold Larsen → 15 2. MURMANSK: A COASTAL CITY? – Aileen A. Espíritu, Ph.D. → 25 4. ENNOBLING URBAN SPACE IN THE BORDER REGION, INTERVIEW WITH MORGAN IP – Peter Hemmersam & Vlad Lyachov → 31 5... Read »

Book chapter

Landscapes as Archives of the Future?

The interdisciplinary Future North project experimentally investigates the territories and landscapes of the High North or Subarctic regions of Northern Europe. It studies the relationship between people and their environments and attempts to map the ›future‹ landscapes that are developed through both social and individual agency... Read »



Future North : the changing Arctic landscapes

The changing Arctic is of broad political concern and is being studied across many fields. This book investigates ongoing changes in the Arctic from a landscape perspective. It examines settlements and territories of the Barents Sea Coast, Northern Norway, the Russian Kola Peninsula, Svalbard and Greenland from an interdisciplinary, design-based and future-oriented perspective... Read »


Views. Norway seen from the road 1733–2020

High mountains, narrow fjords, deep valleys. Norway’s views are its national pride – and also an international trademark. But it is easy to forget that these views are inaccessible without the roads that can take us there. Ever since the 18th century, the image of the Norwegian landscape has been inextricably tied to the gradual expansion of the Norwegian road network... Read »